Alpha version!

Europe has been occupied! It’s 1914. In an alternative world huge Darwinian machines serve people. With one of these machines you can take the fight against the oppressors. Meanwhile the enemy doesn’t sleep, they working on creating better machines and weapons to maintain repression. 

Country by country you can liberate your people with many quests until persecuting the enemy.

In this version you can fight in four different locations.

  • First in a tutorial you can learn how to control the walker and use its functions
  • Then you have to defend in a trench against the attacks
  • On the top of a train you have to protect the delivery and the weapons
  • In an epic fight you can attack the enemy who are bombing one of the most important building of Hungary

During the game there are rewards waiting for you, and you can equip your machine with better and more powerful weapons and different kinds of grenades. 

Take the fight and support our studio so we can bring you many more epic and exciting levels and unforgettable stories in the future.