Europe has been occupied! The year is 1914. Huge steam-powered machines roam the battlefields. Use one of these to break the enemy lines, and fight against the opperssors, destroy their machines of death and save your homeland! Country country, quest by quest, the player liberates the continent, and drives the occupying forces back. In this version of the game you can fight in four different locations, including a tutorial level where you can master the controls of the walker and its functions. Then, the battle begins. Defend the trenches against the attackers, protect a delivery of weapons on a thrilling train level, and lead an attack on the enemy who are bombing one of the most important buildings in Hungary! As the game progresses, the player can quip their walker with new, more powerful weapons and different kinds of grenades. Join the fight, and support our studio so we can bring you many more epic and exciting levels and unforgettable stories in the future.

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